Our Company manufactures organ blowers developed and designed by ourselves since 1994. The organ blowers are high-class Hungarian product. The organ blowers are developed and designed specifically for producing air of pressure of 750 to 3500 PA specifically required for operation of organs, but we are able to fulfill other requirements on request, as well. We manufacture motors of various dimensions with rotation speeds of 1680 and 3360 rpm. their detailed technical descriptions are presented in the catalogue. Our variety of products enables to build a proper blower into any organ.
As regards the noise level, quality and design, our motors compete with those of even the most renowned European manufacturers.
The housing of organ blowers of types LVM and LVM2 is made of cast aluminium. The housing of organ blowers of type LVM4 is made of sheet-steel with welding. The inside of housing is covered with noise isolating and vibration damping lining.
The inlet chamber is made of sheet-steel with welding. It is provided with a noise isolating and vibration damping lining and a closing trap and guard on the lower side.
The electric motors are results of our own development and design. They are single-phase or rotary-current asynchronous motors of very little noise provided with sleeve-bearings.
The foot is made of cast aluminum and provided with 4 rubber legs. The outside surface of blowers is painted with Hammerite paint of silver color.


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